Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Gilda Stories Blog Quiz

"Chapter 4"
1) a.In "chapter 4" of The Gilda Stories, we are in South End of Boston in 1955.
    b. In the beginning of the chapter, Gilda is in the Salon braiding Savannah's hair. She has met people from the prostitution house in which makes her feel at home from her past days. Then, all of a sudden goes to the salon looking for Toya.

2) Two characters we have met before are Gilda and Bird. Bird changes her views towards Gilda. She cares about Gilda and becomes more loving towards her. Gilda has made new friends and and more knowledgeable. She is willing to help her prostitutes friends.

3)1. Savannah- She is a prostitute who has become good friends with Gilda. She puts in effort to help out her friends in a difficult situation.
    2. Fox- A scary evil vampire who is after Toya. He is also the antagonist.
    3. Toya- A prostitute, who is scared of Fox because he is after her.
    4. Skip- he is Savannah's boyfriend.

4) The main conflict the protagonist is struggling with Fox. Gilda and Bird are trying to kill Fox protect Toya. The conflict is resolved when Fox is killed at the end of the chapter.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy Relationships

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, both partners have to be willing to work it out.
Some values I found important in a relationship are:

Being in a relationship is not easy as people think. In other to love a person, there has to be respect within each other. If a person is not able to respect their significant other, therefor it is not considered love. When two people decide to commit to each other, they are trusting each other with their heart, happiness, and future. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Yet, by using  communication, people have to be able to understand what their partner is trying to express and accept their opinion.